Empowering Aboriginal Futures: NYYANI’s Commitment to Positive Change


Nyoka Morgan


27 Feb 24

mask Empowering Aboriginal Futures: NYYANI's Commitment to Positive Change

In the pursuit of a brighter future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, NYYANI stands committed to creating positive change. Our family coaching and consultancy services focus on providing skills, development, and strategic guidance, with a clear goal – empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to take control of their destiny.

One pivotal aspect of our mission is to support Aboriginal couples or single parents who are facing hardship, by helping them to create a nurturing and safe environment at home, minimising the risk of intervention by child protection services. Our collaborative approach empowers parents to become the architects of their family’s destiny, ensuring the well-being of their children and keeping communities together, when possible.

It’s crucial to emphasise that our aim is not to encourage couples to remain in unhealthy or unhappy relationships. Instead, we strive to help parents identify solutions in the best interests of their children. This might involve exploring shared custody arrangements, promoting healthy communication with ex-partners, or seeking support from trusted family members.

We practice from an Aboriginal worldview where lore, kinship, and spirituality are connected, helping individuals and families identify and achieve their goals in a way that is meaningful to them. We support families with routines, discipline, stability, and boundaries. In short, we aim to help Aboriginal families find solutions before difficult family situations develop into problems that lead to child protection intervention.

We offer support for co-parenting and separation, prevention and early intervention, and reunification. The family issues that we work with are very diverse, from pre-birth through to adulthood.

In addition, NYYANI strives to improve outcomes for families who are already receiving government intervention. We consult with Child Protection Agencies, working alongside parents to ensure the voices of our clients and their children are heard. Our objective is to ensure families have a full understanding of the expectations set by their case officer. We work closely with parents to help them develop and implement realistic, lasting goals that align with the specific criteria required for case closure. This commitment stems from our awareness that children flourish when rooted in the connections of parents, family, community, and culture.

At NYYANI, our services extend beyond rhetoric; we believe in tangible actions that bring about real change in our client’s lives.

My personal journey, marked by domestic violence, homelessness and imprisonment, fuels my commitment to this cause. At a young age, I made a promise to break the cycle for myself, my siblings, and my future children. Becoming a young teen mum and facing relationship challenges didn’t deter me; it strengthened my resolve.

Now, as a life coach, I draw from my experiences to empower Aboriginal parents, guide their children, and inspire others to reach for the lives they deserve. NYYANI’s mission extends to reunifying children in care with their families, recognising the importance of building resilience and providing strategies to empower, with the ultimate aim of preventing government intervention.

If you’re an Aboriginal family facing a crisis or relationship breakdown, and you’re worried about your children’s future, NYYANI is here to guide you. Let’s work together to create a pathway for your family’s happiness.

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